Dataset used for developing optimal bus service strategy under epidemic outbreaks

Published: 19 April 2022| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/4r28rc5g52.3


This article contains data on research conducted in “Modeling of optimal bus service under the influence of major epidemic outbreaks” . The dataset contains latitude and longitude details of 33 major intersections in the Xi’an Xiaozhai central business district (CBD) street network, intersection signal timing plans, bus passenger boarding and alighting counts, origin and destination (O-D) locations, and departure times obtained from a field survey conducted for hourly time duration of off-peak (22:00-23:00 PM), adjacent-to-peak (13:00-14:00 PM), and peak (19:00-20 :00 PM) periods of June 7, 2021, respectively, and bus dispatching frequencies, operational speeds, and loading capacities of 12 bus routes in conjunction with bus-specific parameters. The dataset could be a valuable resource for research on optimization of multiple transit-mode integrated operations involving bus, bus rapid transit (BRT), and fixed guideway transit such as light rail and metro in normal and emergency-event affected travel and traffic conditions. The dataset could be further used for studies on optimization of multimodal integrated passenger services provided by auto, transit, ridesharing, and active transportation modes in a densely populated urban area.



Chang'an University


Engineering, Transportation Engineering