Data for: Experimental Testing of the Heating Performance of a Rotor-Type Dissipative Liquid Heater

Published: 02-07-2020| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/82y6xztdfs.3
Sergii Bespalko,
Oleksii Halychyi,
Alla Yovchenko,
Oleksandr Plakhotnyi,
Sviatoslav Poliakov,
Genadiy Kaleinikov Genadiy Kaleinikov,
Mykhailo Roha,
Irina Fenko


The data set presents results of experimental testing of the heating performance of a prototype of a rotor-type dissipative liquid heater, where the dynamics of several parameters such as the heat power generated, the electrical power consumed and the efficiency factor is defined.