Data for: Investigation of the Effects of Dichlorvos Poisoning on AMPK Signaling Pathway in Chicken Brain Tissues

Published: 27-02-2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/bjkm68bfk9.1
Ping Liu,
Lin Li,
Huabin Cao,
Yanyu Xiao,
Xibang Zheng,
Changming Zhou,
Guoliang Hu,
Vincent Latigo,
Zheng Xu,
Cong Wu,
Guyue Li,
Xiaoquan Guo


In this paper, through gavage of DDVP on broiler chickens and successful modeling,broilers will have ataxia and other neurological symptoms, brain tissue is the location of the important nerve center, and what kind of pathological changes occur in the cells of brain tissue, few studies have been involved. Therefore, this experiment used electron microscope to observe the microstructure of cells in brain tissue, providing intuitive data for the structural damage of nerve cells caused by dichlorvos. PCR arrays and Q-PCR were used to analyze the changes of DDVP expression of 74 genes related to AMPK signaling pathway in chicken brain tissue. The effect of dichlorvos poisoning on AMPK signaling pathway in brain tissue was explained from the persective of gene expression.