“A time memory engram embedded in a light-entrainable circadian clock” David E. Ehichioya1, S. K. Tahajjul Taufique1, Sofia Farah, Shin Yamazaki - Current Biology

Published: 31 October 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/cr5hkkdtx2.1
Shin Yamazaki


Raw ClockLab and FED3 Data Description: FED3 data was converted to text file format which can be directly open by the ClockLab. Experimental conditions are indicated in the excel file in each data holder. FED3 Run Code Description: “FED3_1.16.1_RF.ino”: a code written specifically for controlling FED3 hardware such as a stepper motor which rotates a disk attached and then dispenses a pellet. It is written using Arduino Integrative Development Environment (Arduino IDE), an open-source platform that uses a programming language based on C++. The “FED3_1.16.1_RF.ino” is a modified version of the original code (“Timed_FR1.ino” with FED3 1.16.1) to enable the feeding schedule cross the midnight (the time date change occurs). For instance, a FED3 feeding schedule from 22:00 to 2:00 cannot be programmed by the original code). With this modified code, the feeding schedule can be programmed as 22:00 to 26:00 and the FED3 provides a continuous feeding window from 22:00 to 2:00. "FED3.cpp": a code written by C++ containing user-defined functions which are declared within a class (FED3) in the "FED3.h" header file. The "FED3_1.16.1_RF.ino" file calls the class FED3. The “FED3.cpp” and “FED3.h” files are written separately from “FED3_1.16.1_RF.ino” otherwise complicated in a single ino file. Arduino IDE compiles all three files and uploads them onto the FED3 Arduino board (Adafruit Feather M0) which is connected to a PC via a USB cable. We deactivate buzzer and LED lights in the modified FED3.cpp. We also modified FED3.h to display a FED3 version with “RF” extension. FED3 Data Converter Description: “FED3_analysis_v1.4.3.py”: a code written for the analysis of data downloaded from the FED3 SD card. It is written using python 3.11.4. This code converts the FED3 data to the text file format which can be opened by the ClockLab.



Animal Behavior, Life Sciences, Data Acquisition, Computer Program


National Science Foundation


National Institutes of Health