ARivaT: A Tool for Automated Generation of Riva-based Business Process Architecture Diagrams

Published: 17 March 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/kmhkdd8mkd.1
Osama Al-Haj Hassan


This is a tool that enables user to create Riva-based Business Process Architecture diagrams. So, it helps in drawing units of work diagram, generating First-Cut diagram, and generating Second-Cut diagram. The power of this tool lies in the following: 1- Using drag and drop components to draw Units of Work Diagram 2- Taking units of works diagram as input and auto generating First Cut Diagram 3- Providing user with options to work on the Second Cut Diagram 4- Saving diagrams as xml files and reloading them for later use 5- Producing statistics about diagrams 6- Generating printer friendly versions of diagrams


Steps to reproduce

All you need to use the tool is do the following: 1- Extract the compressed file 2- Open file ARivaT.html


Software, Application-Based System, Application Software, Application Tool