Cross-cultural adaptation and analysis of the measurement properties of the Telehealth Usability Questionnaire for the Brazilian population (TUQ Brazil)

Published: 6 April 2022| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/p8d3xyvfnp.2
Marissa Rocha Santos


The study aimed to translate and cross-culturally adapt into Brazilian Portuguese the Telehealth Usability Questionnaire (TUQ) and to evaluate its reliability and validity when applied to this population. This dataset describes and documents the process of translation and cross-cultural adaptation that included five steps as follows: (1) initial translations: translation of the instrument from English as a source language to the target language, Brazilian Portuguese. Two translations from English into Brazilian Portuguese were generated independently by two native-speakers translators of Brazilian Portuguese - documents Translation 1 (T1).docx and Translation 2 (T2).docx; (2) Synthesis of translations: a synthesis of the translated versions into Brazilian Portuguese were discussed by the two translators, the researchers and the study coordinator. A single translated version was created – document Synthesis of translation (ST).docx; (3) Reverse translations: reverse translations of the Synthesis of translation from Brazilian Portuguese to English were performed by two native-speakers translators of English who created the back-translated versions BT1 and BT2 – documents Back-translation 1 (BT1).docx and Back-translation 2 (BT2).docx; (4) expert committee evaluation: a committee of experts was invited to consolidate the previous versions of the questionnaire and to develop a pre-final version of the questionnaire in Brazilian Portuguese – document Pre-final version.docx; (5) evaluation of the pre-final version: fifty-four individuals from the target population responded in a self-administered manner the pre-final version of the TUQ-Brazil questionnaire, and their comprehension and answer of each item of the questionnaire were assessed and described in the Methods section of the manuscript. A culturally adapted version of the TUQ for the Brazilian population was documented following cross-cultural adaptations, expert committee recommendations, and the final version test results.



Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora


Questionnaire, Telehealth, Validation Study