Biodiversity Taxonomy (Systematics)

Published: 18 January 2023| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/pvcddvvftf.2
Foteini Iwannidou Chrysogelou


Salpa magicus nov. spec. is described found on Eastern Mediterranean area. The family according to other visual photographic reports is cosmopolitan and can be found on both cold and warmer waters at all depths. Its systematic position is discussed and a specific and a circumstantial description of internal and external characteristics was made regarding the taxonomic status of the known and already described taxa of the genus. ID keys were described according to microscopic and stereoscopic observation. In vivo observation and response description is extended.


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Random approach. In vitro & in vivo observation. In vivo field work. In vivo data collection. In vivo research & study. In vitro research & study.


Marine Biodiversity, Marine Animal, Conservation of Biodiversity, Experimental Approaches in Oceanography, Animal Systematics