Stress analysis from physiological data under pressure: WorkStress3D Dataset

Published: 4 August 2023| Version 7 | DOI: 10.17632/t93xcwm75r.7
Gulin Dogan, Fatma Patlar Akbulut


This phrase describes a research approach that analyzes physiological signals to gain insights into psychological stress. The dataset includes survey responses from 20 participants. In this data type, 4 different questionnaires were used: demographic information, instant questionnaires, panas scale and general stress test. Facial expression: The facial expressions in this file are classified according to 6 emotions. In addition, this dataset is categorized as binary for the stress state. The datasets in this file contain 48 x 48 pixel data in grayscale. AudioData file: raw audio data Physiological Signal: The physiological signals of participants were sampled at varying frequencies using the wrist-worn Empatica E4 sensor device. To resolve this issue, a downsampling technique was used to make the frequencies of the signals more uniform. Downsampling was chosen to achieve a balance between computing efficiency and accuracy. By downsampling all physiological inputs to 4 Hz, consistency and effective fusion were attained.



Istanbul Kultur Universitesi


Emotional Stress