A Two Year Survey for VLF Emission from Fireballs-dataset

Published: 14-11-2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/v63m4bpn7n.1
Chang Yu Sung


dataset for "A Two Year Survey for VLF Emission from Fireballs" raw data in this dataset was gathered by AWESOME system located in Elginfield Observatory located in southern Ontario, Canada. all event spectrogram folder contains the lightcurve/+-2s/+-5s/+-15s spectrogram for all 80 events for rough inspection. no phenomenologically different signals were found in these events non positively correlated events folder contains the 7 events where calculated signal direction matches recorded meteor, and correlated lightning was not recorded in the NLDN database. in this folder, the 2 .mat files are the raw signals for NS(A) and EW(B) channel of AWESOME antenna, filename denotes its time. the offset between AWESOME antenna and ASGARD-SOMN is roughly 1.23+-0.03s. phi.txt in each folder records (in order) the (1)beginning azimuth, (2)ending azimuth, (3)start of luminous flight compared to peak brightness, (4)end of luminous flight compared to peak brightness, and (5)exact time of peak brightness within the second(raw data is only trimmed to be centered around the start of the second of the peak brightness, not the exact time of the peak brightness). The subfolders are named as "sample number of the peak/binsize of spectrogram/time of peak relative to the time of peak brightness", and each subfolder contains +-2ms amplitude, +-10ms amplitude, direction fit, and location within luminous flight of the particular fit.