Parotoid Gland, morphological, field and lab secretion, and MBG data

Published: 17-12-2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/xr6rpmnc75.1
Steven Gardner,
Megen Kepas,
Casey Simons,
L Horne,
Alan Savitzky,
Mary Mendonça


Poison gland (parotoid) images, R scripts, and raw data for the manuscript, "Differences in morphology and parotoid gland secretion (composition and release) of introduced cane toads (Rhinella marina) from established populations in Florida, USA"


Steps to reproduce

The R script files, "morphological 2020.R" and "canetoad poison analysis 2020 script with new MBG data.R" were used to analyze morphological and poison secretion data collected from populations of cane toads in FL in 2018, and MBG concentration and secretion likelihood with doses of epinephrine, respectively. Images used to obtain parotoid gland sizes that also depict whether a toad was secreting poison following capture and handling are in folders that indicate where they were collected from,, and the file "pics to use" indicates which pictures in those folders correspond to different toads in the data files.