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  • This is a Google Earth file with additional geographic information for the randomized controlled study on the effect of ceramic water filter and silver-impregnated porous ceramic water treatment (MadiDrop) on child health. This is a part of a study reported in a manuscript by: Joshua N. Edokpayi, Elizabeth T. Rogawski, David M. Kahler, Courtney Hill, Catherine Reynolds, Emanuel Nyathi, James A. Smith, John O. Odiyo, Amidou Samie, Pascal Bessong, Rebecca Dillingham. The authors acknowledge the tireless work of the community field workers who installed interventions and collected all of the survey data. The authors also acknowledge A. Gaylord, N. Khuliso, S. Mammburu, K. McCain and E. Stinger, who performed much of the water quality analysis and T. Singh, who supported the laboratory analysis for inorganic materials.
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