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Put your research data
online today with Mendeley Data

Mendeley Data is a secure cloud-based repository where you can store your data, ensuring it is easy to share, access and cite, wherever you are.

Easily upload files to your dataset

For datasets big and small

Store your research data online

Quickly and easily upload files of any type and we will host your research data for you. Your experimental research data will have a permanent home on the web that you can refer to.


Make your research data citable

DOIs and versioning following Force11 guidelines

Your published research data will include a Force11 compliant citation so that other researchers can effortlessly cite your research. We will also provide a unique DOI for each version of your dataset, so that your dataset's citation will always be valid.

View and create

View and create

your dataset on any device

Mendeley Data has been created to work on a wide range of devices - from your lab workstation to your mobile phone. Browse datasets on the go, or take a picture in the lab and upload it instantly to your research data.

Datasets archival with DANS

Long term preservation of your research data

Dark archive storage with DANS

We have teamed up with DANS (Data archiving and Networking Services) to ensure that your research data will stand the test of time. All published datasets will be sent offsite to DANS, where they will ensure that your data is safely archived.

Our software is made for researchers
Upload, Edit, Collaborate and make your dataset citable
by posting it to the web.