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  • Benchmark for Euclidean Single-Depot Bounded Multiple Travelling Salesman Problem instances
    This repository introduces 168 novel instances (file: instances-168.csv) designed for solving the Euclidean Single-Depot Bounded Multiple Traveling Salesman Problem (Bounded MTSP). These instances are adapted from the TSP library, with city '1' designated as the depot, and the remaining 'n-1' cities representing destinations to be visited by 'k' salesmen. To define the tour constraints, we establish 'm_{min}' (minimum) and 'm_{max}' (maximum) values, informed by real-world surveys reflecting client visits ranging from 15 to 60. Our repository provides three sets of 'm_{min}' and 'm_{max}' pairs: 30, 50; 24, 40; and 18, 30. Additionally, the value for 'k' is calculated using the formula: ⎡ 1.3 x n ⎤ k( n , m_{max} ) = ⎜ ⎼⎼⎼⎼⎼⎼⎼ ⎥ ⎜ m_{max} ⎥ In addition to the 168 new instances, we have included 6 instances proposed by (Junjie & Dingwei, 2006) (file instances-6.csv) and 16 instances proposed by (Necula et al. 2015) (instances-16.csv), raising the total to 190 instances. For each instance, we provide the best solution delivered by our 3-phase algorithm (folders: solutions-22 and solutions-163) and its corresponding solution graph (folder: graphs), along with a table detailing the minimum, average and maximum costs, the run number in which the best cost was obtained and the time elapsed to obtain that best cost, as well as the average processing time, the best cost and the lower bound achieved by the CPLEX solver (IBM, 2024), as well as the elapsed processing time, limited to 2 hours (file: results.xlsx). These instances serve as valuable benchmarks for researchers exploring MTSP variants. R. Necula, M. Breaban, and M. Raschip, "Performance evaluation of ant colony systems for the single-depot multiple traveling salesman problem", In International Conference on Hybrid Artificial Intelligence Systems, Springer, Cham. pp. 257--268, 2015. Available: \url{\_22} P. Junjie and W. Dingwei, "An ant colony optimization algorithm for multiple travelling salesman problem", In First International Conference on Innovative Computing, Information and Control-Volume I (ICICIC'06), Vol. 1, pp. 210--213, IEEE, 2006 Available: \url{} V. H. Pacheco-Valencia, N. Vakhania and J. A. Hernández-Aguilar, "An Algorithm to Solve the Euclidean Single-Depot Bounded Multiple Traveling Salesman Problem", In 2023 IEEE World Conference on Applied Intelligence and Computing (AIC), Sonbhadra, India, 2023, pp. 7-12, Available: IBM, "IBM Ilog CPLEX optimization studio versión 22.1.1", Available at, Last accessed 15 march 2024. TSPLIB Available: Last consulted 30 sep 2023
    • Dataset
  • FT ICR-MS data for The overlooked role of deep soil in dissolved organic carbon transformation and CO2 emissions: Evidence from incubation experiments and FT-ICR MS characterization
    a data base for all elemental formulas, mass peak intensities and detected masses
    • Dataset
  • Delayed Redevelopment in Urban Expansion: Opportunities for the Preservation and Revitalization of Collective Memory in Shiqiao Town, China
    Using Python to obtain text data from Weibo, Xiaohongshu, and WeChat official accounts to form the raw dataset, and analyzing the frequency and co-occurrence relationships of different types of words.
    • Dataset
  • LINF_120007100
    Hypothetical protein - conserved; Leishmania infantum (strain JPCM5)
    • Dataset
  • Supply chain finance digitalization and corporate financial fraud:Evidence from China
    Using a sample of Chinese A-share listed firms from 2008 to 2021, we investigates the relationship between supply chain finance digitalization and corporate financial fraud. Our results are obtained from a PSM-DID approach,and we find that supply chain finance reduces corporate financial fraud.
    • Dataset
  • Omari et al. Cell Reports Raw data
    Original dot blot, Figure 6B, 6D, 6E
    • Dataset
  • Abiotic nitrogen reduction in a submarine hydrothermal system
    • Dataset
  • Academic and Industrial Prospects of Sodium-ion batteries: Combining bibliometric and patent analysis
    This data set contains literature and patent data about sodium-ion batteries to analyze the technical trends and geographical distribution of sodium-ion battery technology.
    • Dataset
  • Impact of Processing Methods on the Distribution of Mineral Elements in Goat Milk Fractions
    Supplementary files of the artile of "Impact of Processing Methods on the Distribution of Mineral Elements in Goat Milk Fractions".
    • Dataset
  • Supply Chain Demand Forecasting Dataset of Bangladeshi Retailer
    The historical sales dataset for this research is obtained from a Bangladeshi retailer. The dataset covers a period of 1826 days and includes daily sales data for a particular product from 01 January 2013 to 31 December 2017. The raw sales data has 2 columns: the first column contains timestamps, while the remaining column reflects the quantity sold.
    • Dataset
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