CIVIT Dataset: Integral Microscopy with Fourier Plane Recording

Published: 10 November 2022| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/22z5yhn928.2
, Robert Bregovic, Atanas Gotchev


8 different 3D scenes have been rendered in Blender. Each scene is composed of two parts: Densely Sampled Light Field (DSLF) and ZScan. For each DSLF 51x51 images have been rendered, and 201 for each ZScan, for a total of 22,416 images. The scenes were rendered using the same camera poses, lightning condition and Region of Interest. Camera parameters, intrinsic and extrinsic were exported during the DSLF rendering process in an external .bin file. In addiction, all of the DSLF rendered needed correction therefore, by correcting the pose with MATLAB, an additional 20.808 images were generated.



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Optics, Computer Vision, Medical Imaging