Flavour Symmetry Embedded - GLoBES (FaSE-GLoBES)

Published: 24-03-2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/23bnpf2vps.1
Jian Tang,
TseChun Wang


Neutrino models based on flavour symmetries provide a natural way to explain the origin of tiny neutrino masses. At the dawn of precision measurements of neutrino oscillation parameters, neutrino mass models can be constrained and examined by on-going and up-coming neutrino experiments. We present a supplemental tool Flavour Symmetry Embedded (FaSE) for General Long Baseline Experiment Simulator (GLoBES), and it is available on https://github.com/tcwphy/FASE_GLoBES. It can translate the neutrino mass model parameters into standard neutrino oscillation parameters and offer prior functions in a user-friendly way. We demonstrate the robustness of FaSE-GLoBES with four examples on how the model parameters can be constrained and whether the model is excluded by an experiment or not. We wish that this toolkit will facilitate the study of new neutrino mass models.