Morphology and lifestyle of endophytic fungi associated with roots of Gaylussacia brasiliensis (Ericaceae) in southern Brazil sand dunes

Published: 18 August 2019| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/23c87rjw2j.2
Kelly Besen


Gaylussacia brasiliensis hair roots, revealing wide morphological diversity. Pezizomicotina fungi have been found in healthy ericaceous roots, showing several morphological structures of the symbiotic association. Morphological and sequencing analyses of seven isolates revealed that they belong to the genera Penicillium, Paraconiothyrium, Cladophialofora, Knufia, Diaporthe, Chaetomium, and Arcopilus. It appears that there are as many association structures as there are fungi capable of producing them.



Fungus, Symbiosis, Endophyte, Coevolution