The Impact of Telemedicine on No-Show Rates in Pediatric Dermatology: A Multicenter Retrospective Analysis of Safety-Net Clinics

Published: 10 January 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/23rkrxx466.1
Shoshana Marmon, Abigail Cline, Ashley Keyes Jacobs, Maira Fonseca


A comparison of the age, sex, insurance class and most common diagnoses during in-person (August 2019-February 2020) and telemedicine (August 2020-February 2021) encounters from the combined patient volume across three dermatology clinic sites. Synchronous/live video was attempted for all telemedicine encounters and patients were encouraged to send in photos of their skin concerns prior to the visit. If a patient was unable to engage in video conferencing, the visit was completed by telephone and/or the patient was scheduled to be seen in-person. Platforms utilized during telemedicine encounters include; EPIC MyChart (WI), Doximity (CA) Spruce Health (CA) and/or telephone.



Dermatology, Telemedicine