Computer Programme Source Code for DAYOFRA

Published: 20-11-2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/23wkxt29jh.1
Felix Ishola,
Victor Oladokun,
Moses Petinrin


Computer Programme Source Code for DAYO Fire Risk Analysis using Microsoft Visual Basic. Visual Basic provides a complete set of tools to simplify rapid application development for all user whether an experienced professional or not. The design analysis involved developing, writing of program and the installation application package that is compatible with the program that has been developed and is able to run concurrently with the program already installed in the system. The application program that was considered suitable for the program in Visual Basic. The computer programme is integrated with user interfaces in which any intended user will supply all the necessary information by either inputting a value or just some few clicks as a way of supplying the inputs. The software programme simply provides the risk estimation of the commercial complex under investigation in few seconds, regardless of the number of units involved thus saving time and rigour of manual calculations and at the same time eliminating error during the calculation.