Published: 7 July 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/23xtbvk6yp.1
Prudence Kadebu


Dataset of Students’ Software Projects Requirements. The dataset has 1317 software requirements, distributed as 801 Non Security Requirements (NSR) and 516 Security Requirements (SR) constituting about 61% and 39% of the dataset respectively. The requirements were harvested from 105 students projects. Besides the original dataset, there are other 2 versions of it, one labelled for binary classification that is NSR and SR and another for multiclass classification. The later has labels in the following categories Classification for Non-Security Requirements (NSR) include Functional, Usability, Portability, Performance Requirements while Security Requirements (SR) include Availability (AVA), Authentication (THE), Authorization (THO), Immunity (IMM), Integrity (INT), Intrusion detection (IND), Confidentiality (CON), Auditing (AUD), Survivability (SUR) and Maintainability (MAI). Software Maintenance is a process that can not be avoided in the lifetime of a software product. Thus, the idea being exposed is the need to include Maintainability as a Security Requirement to prevent introduction of software vulnerabilities every time there are changes to be made to software.



Harare Institute of Technology School of Information Science and Technology


Software Engineering, Software Construction, Security Engineering