Neonatal EEG Analysis Toolbox (NEAT) Code and Data

Published: 16 July 2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/24n5dk39t4.2
Zachary Vesoulis


Many qualitative and quantitative metrics have been developed to analyze the output of limited-channel EEG recordings in neonates. A significant roadblock in the widespread dissemination of these techniques is the device-specific, “black-box” nature of the analytic algorithms, preventing comparison between studies and the obsolescence of old recordings as software is abandoned. We have developed NEAT (Neonatal EEG Analysis Toolbox) as an open-source software platform to overcome these challenges. NEAT runs within MATLAB or GNU Octave and is designed to work with any single-channel EEG input, regardless of source or sampling rate. The experimental GUI is only compatible with MATLAB. This package includes source code for MATLAB and GNU Octave and a sample recording file for testing purposes. System Requirements: MATLAB r2016a or later with the Signal Processing Toolbox or GNU Octave version 4.4.1 or later with the 'signal' package Release Notes: Release 2 - 7/16/2020 -Added GNU Octave variation of aEEG and SEF tools -Changed bandpass filter in SEF algorithm from Butterworth to FIR design for better GNU Octave compatibility Release 1 - 06/21/2017 -Includes two command-line MATLAB functions to generate aEEG signal and calculate spectral edge frequency -Includes experimental GUI, allowing for linked navigation of raw/aEEG signals



Washington University in Saint Louis


Signal Processing, Electroencephalography