Consumer survey: product lifetimes and durability of electronics

Published: 9 May 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/24wf7g7hvw.1
Levon Amatuni


This database presents a set of consumer reports (1037) on their electronics use and ownership experience focusing on lifetimes and durability of such. It comes as a result of online survey conducted using Amazon Mechanical Turk. Consumers (80% of whom come from the USA) were asked to report on the dates of purchase (obtaining) and disposal of different electronics types. This allowed estimating possession lifetimes of such products and their durability (time until first failure). Additionally, data on repair, hibernation, brands and models, geographical, location, and prices was collected. Data presented in this repository is rather an initial (cleaned and aggregated) set of consumer reports, hence, is open for farther interpretation depending on practitioner's needs. Data fields for each consumer report that describes a single device ownership: - 4 digit UNU product code (e.g. "0303" for a 'Laptop computer') - LTrecords: set of consumer reports collected for this specific product category - LS: Time from the date when the product was obtained until its first failure (equals to LT if never failed) - LT: Time from the date when the product was obtained until its disposal - LTphase: Type of ownership (LT1, LT2, LT3, LT4) depending if the product is new, second-hand, etc. Publication describing this classification is being prepared for publishing at the moment. - brand: brand of the reported device - chng_user: Failed/repaired due to user related cause - in_condition: The condition of the device at the moment of obtaining it: new, used, etc - in_month: Month when obtained - in_year: Year when obtained - model: Model of the reported device - niu_months: Hibernation period (months not being used prior to disposal) - out_condition: The condition of the device at the moment of disposing it: used, failed, etc - out_inpossession: Still in possession? If yes, then LT defines time in possession, otherwise LT defines possession lifetime - out_inuse: Still in use? - out_method: The way how was disposed of, e.g. discarded, passed over, recycled, etc - price_range: Reported price category out of three - report_date: Date of the report collection



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