A Master's Guide To Pictures

Published: 11 June 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/255xtc2g8m.1
Stuart Oring Stuart Oring


This e-book describes how to use the unconscious in order to help understand photographs and art. It is meant to go beyond A Beginner's Guide to Pictures and shows many different approaches that I have researched in order to use Synchronicity Systems, Dream Analysis, Meditation and combine these approaches with traditional approaches in order to obtain a comprehensive approach to understanding art and photography.


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The data was based on research I carried out regarding the similarities of dreams and dream analysis to photographs and how Synchronicity Systems (i.e. the I Ching) were used in China to analyze dreams. I tested every major Synchronicity tool with photographs starting with my own photographs,, the photographs of a photographer friend, and finally on the photograph of Minor White (my teacher at R.I.T.) . The other methods in the e-book were tested also with photographs and are described in the e-book.


Photography, Visual Arts, Creative Arts, Fine Arts