Data for: Assessing the Sustainability of High-, Middle-, and Low-Income Countries: A Network DEA Model in the Presence of both Zero Data and Undesirable Outputs

Published: 7 September 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/25sr27323j.1
Almas Heshmati, ali sarkhosh-sara, Mohammad Tavassoli


4.1. Data and variables This research covers an economic analysis of 97 developed and developing (25 high-income, 53 middle-income, and 19 low-income) countries in the world in the context of sustainability. For a sustainability measurement of the countries, we first developed a two-stage structure. The first stage indicates sustainable production and the second stage indicates sustainable economic distribution. Then, we applied our network DEA model for measuring efficiency both in the sustainable production stage and in the sustainable distribution stage for each country.