Mitochondrial genome of the mason Bee, Osmia pedicornis (Hymenopetra: Megachilidae)

Published: 28-08-2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/26m6fr78jf.2
JeongSun Park


Maximum likelihood (ML) method-based phylogenetic tree for the superfamily Apoidea using concatenated sequences of 13 protein-coding genes. The numbers at each node specify the bootstrap percentages of 1,000 pseudoreplicates. The scale bar indicates the number of substitutions per site. Andrena chekiangensis belonging to the family Andrenidae in the superfamily Apoidea (MH982580, He et al. 2019) was utilized as an outgroup. The GenBank accession numbers are as follows: Bombus asiaticus, MH998259 (Zhao et al. 2019); B. ignitus, DQ870926 (Cha et al. 2007); Apis cerana, KX908206 (Wang et al. 2018); A. dorsata, KX908207 (Wang et al. 2018); Melipona bicolor, AF466146 (Silvestre et al. 2008); M. scutellans, KP202303 (Pereira et al. 2016); Osmia pedicornis, MT849323 (This study); O. excavata, KX494106 (Zheng et al. 2018); O. bicornis, KT164634, KT164653, and KT164669 (Unpublished); Megachile sculpturalis, KT223644 (Zhang et al. 2017); M. strupigera, KT346366 (Huang et al. 2016a); and Colletes gigas, KM978210 (Huang et al. 2016b).