Data for: An ecotope map of the trilateral Wadden Sea

Published: 1 November 2021| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/27mysx289g.2
Martin Baptist, Jan Tjalling van der Wal, Ulf Gräwe, Eelke Folmer, Kelly Elschot


CORRIGENDUM. In version 1 of June 2019 an error has been made. The class boundary between shallow sublittoral and low intertidal was not set to 4% mean exposure but to 0.001%. This resulted in a too low cover of sublitoral areas. In Version 2 this is corrected. The data file is a zipped file "" containing a GeoPackage, holding the geographical data (polygons etc.): i. EcotopeWS3_mp = polygon geodata of ecotope map ii. bivbeds_focc = geodata for eco-element bivalve beds (polygon) iii. eelgrass_presence = geodata for eco-element seagrass aka eelgrass presence (polygon) iv. EcotopeWS3CodeInterpretation, table explaining how fields in ecotope map should be interpreted v. ZESsmpleCode2Legend, table expanding ZESsimple from code to full legend text. and includes: 2) a set of QML-files (symbology definition files for QGIS), 3) a set of SLD-files (symbology layer definition files for GeoServer), 4) three PNG-files to provide the different textures/patterns used in the symbolising the sediment types.



Marine Ecology