Radiocabon Palaeolithic Europe Database v26

Published: 16 March 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/27yphd4yvt.1
Pierre Vermeersch


The database, version 26 (first version was available in 2002), contains now 13239 site forms, (most of them with their geographical coordinates), comprising 16695 radiometric data: Conv. 14C and AMS 14C (12922 items), TL (10143 items), OSL (6510 items), ESR, Th/U and AAR (2093 items) from the European (Russian Siberia included) Lower, Middle and Upper Palaeolithic. All 14C dates are conventional dates BP. This improved version 26 replaces the older version 25. 170 new sites are incorporated and 267 sites have a corrected or an updated content.


Steps to reproduce

The excel file is a shorted part of the more extensive Access file.


Quaternary Period, Radiocarbon Dating, Paleolithic Period, Chronometrics