Immediate Effects of Foam Roller and Stretching to Lead hip on Golfers Swing: A Randomized Cross-over Trial

Published: 6 March 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/27ywz2kj4v.1


We hypothesized that increasing the leading hip internal rotation (IR) range of motion (ROM) would decrease lumbar rotation ROM during the golf swing. The subjects were healthy 22 males. Two groups were Foam roller and stretching (FR+ST) or practice swing (SW). Motion analysis was used to evaluate hip and lumbar ROM.This data shows the changes in golf swing motion and physical function after the intervention in golfers. Leading hip IR ROM during the golf swing was significantly greater in the FR+ST group. The FR+ST group showed a moderate negative correlation between leading hip IR ROM and lower lumbar spine Lrot ROM during the golf swing. Foam roller and stretching might be useful for increasing lead hip IR ROM during the golf swing. Moreover, FR+ST groups suggested that improved lead hip IR ROM may decrease lumbar spine Lrot.


Steps to reproduce

Three-dimensional motion analyzer (Vicon MX System; Vicon Motion Systems Ltd, UK) and up to 10 cameras were used to measure the lumbar spine and hip joint angles during the golf swing. A thirty-five marker reference set Plug-in-Gait Full Body Ai model was used. The Plug-in-Gait model was used to calculate lower extremity kinematic data. In addition, to measurement of spinal motion, ten markers were affixed to the spine based on the report (Gombatto et al., 2015). Visual 3D (C-Motion Inc., USA) was used to calculate kinematic data for the upper and lower lumbar spine. The sampling frequency was 240Hz and the cutoff frequency was 6Hz. Raw three-dimensional coordinate data were filtered using a zero-lag fourth-order low-pass Butterworth filter. Participants wore closely fitting dark shorts to aid data collection. They used their own clubs an wore their own shoes and gloves. A warm-up was performed for 3 minutes with no restrictions on intensity or method. Tees were used, the height of which was arbitrary, and the participants were asked to make five full swings with their drivers.


Saitama Ika Daigaku Igakubu Daigakuin Igaku Kenkyuka


Motion Analysis, Lumbar Spine, Golf, Hip Joint