Data supporting 'Convergent somatic mutations in metabolism genes in chronic liver disease'

Published: 24 January 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/283gy325fk.1
Peter Campbell


This is an RData file containing a data-frame of all somatic mutations (base substitutions and small indels) from the samples described in the paper: Stanley WK Ng et al, 'Convergent somatic mutations in metabolism genes in chronic liver disease'. Nature 2021; 598(7881): 473-478. ( ). The columns of the data-frame follow the usual VCF conventions for genome position numbering and describing the ref and alt entries. The 'id' column encodes the sample ID, followed by underscore, followed by the specific branch on the phylogenetic tree the mutation was assigned to (in order to avoid double-counting of mutations). the column 'vaf' contains the variant allele fraction of the mutation. The genome build for the position co-ordinates is GRCh37.



Wellcome Sanger Institute


DNA Mutation