Artificial Intelligence Adoption Prediction Model: Would ChatGPT-3.5 be adopted in English poetry classrooms?

Published: 24 October 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/289jtphg33.1
Christa van Staden


This dataset complements the data I have presented in an academic paper submitted to an academic journal. It contains a satirical poem and several versions of ChatGPT-3.5's analysis of two famous poems, namely Morning at the Window (Eliot) and Sonnet 18 (Shakespeare). The versions were generated to determine if ChatGPT would generate a new version, or not, and it would generate different versions for two users.


Steps to reproduce

I have prompted ChatGPT to write and justify five different types of poems, and to analyse two famous English poems, name Sonnet 18 (Shakespeare) and Morning at the Window (Eliot) several times. I have included its first analysis of the poems in my paper, and the rest in this data set. The dataset can spur further investigation as I have not evaluated the quality of the answers, but rather indicated if I agreed with a statement or not.


University of the Free State


Education, Artificial Intelligence Applications, Creative Learning, Teaching Innovation