Mass Transfer Solver Tool: A software to calculate mass transfer coefficients for Packed-bed Columns

Published: 17 January 2022| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/289m8hcgt2.3


The Mass Transfer Solver Tool is a calculation software for gas-liquid mass transfer coefficients for random and structured packed-bed columns. This software refers to the work of Flagiello et al. (2021) entitled "A tool for mass transfer evaluation in packed-bed columns for chemical engineering students" and published in the scientific journal of Education for Chemical Engineers ( The MT Solver Tool is based on the use of the most acknowledged models available in the pertinent literature (Onda et al., 1968; Bravo et al., 1985, 1992; Billet and Schultes, 1993; Brunazzi and Paglianti, 1997; Olujić et al. , 2004; Hanley and Chen, 2012) to calculate the gas-side (ky), liquid-side (kx) and interfacial area (ae) coefficients separately. The software includes a "Library File" where geometric data and model fitting parameters for 144 different packings in size and materials are available. The spreadsheet file "MT Solver" operating in default mode uses the data of the 144 packings available in the "Library File" to calculate the mass transfer coefficients. Futhermore, the software can also be operated in user-defined mode "User-defined MT Solver" in order to customize and expand its use when the considered packing is not included in the Library File. The MT Solver Tool was also used in teaching activities in the academic year 2020-2021 for the Unit Operation and Sustainable Process Design courses of the Master's degree in Chemical Engineering, at the University of Naples Federico II. All the instructions for use are given in the work: A tool for mass transfer evaluation in packed-bed columns for chemical engineering students ( Any system bugs, calculation errors deriving from the model equations or the parameters set in the library can be reported to the email address: (Dr. Domenico Flagiello). Suggestions for model equations updates or data and packing parameter values ​​included in the library (or new data packing) are also welcome.



Universita degli Studi di Napoli Federico II


Chemical Engineering, Education, Cooling Tower, Student, Chemical Engineering Design, Software, Spreadsheet, Mass Transfer, Absorption, Distillation, Unit Operations, Gas Separation, Absorber, Distillation Column, Stripping Physical Separation Process