Data for: The 2014-2015 Brazilian Mutual Phenomena campaign for the Jovian satellites and improved results for the 2009 events.

Published: 17 September 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/29cg95ctkb.1
Bruno Morgado,
Roberto Vieira-Martins,
Marcelo Assafin,
Daniel Machado,
Marcio Malacarne


Here, we present the ascii light curves files analysed in this work. There are 25 re-reduced light curves (13 occultations and 12 eclipses) obtained during the 2009 mutual phenomena campaign between the Galilean satellites obtained in Brazil (Dias-Oliveira et al., 2013). We also present 47 new light curves (31 occultations and 16 eclipses) obtained during the 2014-2015 Brazilian campaign. The files contain the Julian Date of the observation, and the observed normalised light flux and the modelled normalised light flux.



Planetary Science, Astrometry