Data for: Is Eating in the School Canteen Better to Fight Overweight? A Sociological Observational Study on Nutrition in Italian Children

Published: 16-10-2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/29ny4wfb4b.1
Alessandra Decataldo


This study uses retrospective population data from the 2015 face-to-face multi-purpose survey by ISTAT. This survey focused on collecting data about eating habits and nutritional aspects, and it was conducted through face-to-face guided interviews with a pre-defined questionnaire. The survey aimed at Italian families; each family was selected with random criterion by the municipal registry lists, according to a statistically representative sample of the population residing in Italy. Among 45,336 interviewees (19,158 families) of all ages, we focus on participants with 6-10 years old children (2,125 interviewees) and their parents. Information is provided directly from all subjects over 14 aged; for children aged 6-10 years a parent or an adult component of the family answered the questions in proxy modality. Only a part of the items was devoted to children, differently adults answered all the various parts of the questionnaire (ISTAT 2016).