Swipe versus MultipleViews

Published: 15 June 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/29wvkzj377.1
Stanislav Popelka,


The data was measured in an eye-tracking experiment focused on the evaluation of swipe and multiple view interaction methods in the environment of Esri ArcGIS online. Remote eye-tracker SMI RED 250 with a sampling frequency of 250 Hz was used for data gathering. Dynamic Areas of Interest were marked in the stimuli and Trial Duration, Visible Time and Dwell Time data were exported. A total of 25 participants (10 experts and 15 students) participated in the experiment. Besides eye movement data, their cartographic experience, web map usage, experience with swipe and multiple views and experience with UrbanPlanner were gathered. Finally, the table contains information about the correctness of the response.



Univerzita Palackeho v Olomouci


Eye Movement, Web Application