On-orbit magnetometer data observed by BIRDS-3 CubeSats

Published: 26 April 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/2b2rvxccyx.1
Dulani Withanage


This dataset contains the on-orbit magnetometer data, observed by BIRDS-3 CubeSats. The data was observed by three CubeSats: Raavana-1, NepaliSat-1 and Uguisu. BIRDS-3 is the third project under BIRDS project. The BIRDS-3 satellites were deployed to orbit on 17th June 2019 from the International Space Station. The altitude of the orbit was approximately 400km and the inclination was 51.6 degrees. All three satellites re-entered the atmosphere in October 2021. MMC5883MA was used as the magnetometer in all three satellites. This data was collected every 5 seconds which was named as high sampling mode. This dataset will be useful for the satellite developers who work on attitude determination and control systems and the researchers who work on magnetometers installed in CubeSats.


Steps to reproduce

This data was collected by three satellites which belong to BIRDS-3 CubeSat project. The magnetometer was a sensor used in attitude determination and control system. The MMC5883MA magnetometer was used in all three satellites. The data was collected every five seconds. PIC18F67J94 was used to communicate with MMC5883MA.


Kyushu Kogyo Daigaku


Small Satellite, Magnetometer