Optimization method of temperature measuring point layout for steel-concrete composite bridge based on TLS-IPDP

Published: 4 July 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/2bdjn23g69.1
benkun Tan,


An optimization method of temperature measurement point layout for steel-concrete composite bridges based on the total least squares improved piecewise Douglas-Peucker (TLS-IPDP) algorithm was proposed to solve the problem that the traditional temperature measurement data cannot reflect the actual temperature gradient (TG) due to the distance of measurement points on different paths is not reasonable. The results show that compared with the classical Douglas-Peucker (DP) algorithm, the TLS-IPDP algorithm has a better approximation effect on the original data, and has the function of artificially specifying the location and number of feature points to be retained. Compared with the traditional temperature measuring point arrangement method, the TLS-IPDP algorithm optimized arrangement in this paper realized the measuring point arrangement with different variable spacing under different paths, and the temperature gradient curve obtained was more close to the real temperature distribution, and had higher accuracy in the region with large gradient.



Civil Engineering, Bridge Engineering