Research data on prototype solar panel power output

Published: 2 December 2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/2bgvhmtrpx.2
Jacek Harazin


Reserach data gathered from two solar panels of the same specification throughout 14.08.2020 and 18.08.2020. One panel was a prototype solar panel with solar tracker, built with an intention of mounting on a sloped household roof. The other panel was mounted without any mobility as a reference.


Steps to reproduce

According to the information provided, the procedure of daily measurement was as follows: • taking off the covers that secure the stands from the morning dew and rain • activation of test stands around 7:00 CEST (5:00 GMT) and their calibration • verification of correct solar panel alignment after the calibration and routine check of the state of hardware and software • in case of any errors or damage spotted, necessary debugging or repairs • continuation of the experiment throughout the day, up until around 20:30 CEST (18:30 GMT) when the sun is below the horizon already • stopping the research aperture by cutting the circuitry from external power supply • extraction of the gathered data by pulling the SD card with the data from the SD card module and copying the files to the laptop and USB stick for redundancy • securing the stand with covers for the night


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Solar Energy