Critical Heat Flux Data for Water and FC-72 on Pin-Fin Surfaces

Published: 8 June 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/2dmgjjn324.1
Brandon Swartz


This data set is compilation of critical heat flux values for boiling of water or FC-72 on smooth surfaces or surfaces with periodic arrays of pin-fins. The surfaces with pin-fins are characterized by the fin shape, fin array type, fin width, fin height, spacing between fins, coverage, porosity, lateral mean beam length (MBL), total MBL, roughness factor, and surface material. The coverage descriptor describes what fraction of the surfaces is covered with the fin pattern, as opposed to being intentionally left smooth. The lateral MBL is defined as four times the volume of void space between the fins divided by the lateral surface area of the fins. The total MBL is defined similarly, but the total surface area is used instead of the lateral surface area. The roughness factor is the ratio of the total surface area of the surface to the nominal (projected) area of the surface. Data was collected from published experimental papers. When necessary, data was extracted from plots using a plot digitizer tool.



University of Arizona