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Published: 4 July 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/2dp33m48yg.1


Supplemental Figure 1. Mottled hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation on the neck is a distinctive feature in patients with Riehl’s melanosis. (left: Room light, right: Wood’s lamp, Dermlite Lumio2) Supplemental Figure 2. Pseudonetwork, grey dots/granules, telangiectatic vessels, perifollicular whitish halo, fine scales, and follicular keratotic plugs are characteric features of Riehl’s melanosis under dermoscope Supplemental Figure 3. Histopathology features of Riehl’s melanosis showed basal cell vacuolization with necrotic keratinocytes, prominent pigment incontinence, melanin supranuclear cap (shown in ) , melanophages in the dermis (shown in arrow) and a band-like lymphocytic infiltrate in the superficial dermis .



Allergy, Pigment, Image Analysis (Medical Imaging), Dermoscopy