Data for: Alignment of f0 peak in different pitch accent types affects perception of metrical stress

Published: 4 March 2019| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/2gkpwpg44j.3
Katharina Zahner,


The paper related to this dataset investigates how stress perception in German is affected by different pitch accent types (with different f0 alignments). Experiment 1 showed more errors in stress identification when f0 peaks and stressed syllables were not aligned – despite phonological association of pitch accent and stressed syllable. Erroneous responses revealed a response bias towards the syllable with the f0 peak. In a visual-world eye-tracking study (Experiment 2), listeners fixated a stress competitor with initial stress more when the spoken target, which had penultimate stress, was realized with an early-peak accent (f0 peak preceding stressed syllable), compared to a condition with the f0 peak on the stressed syllable. Hence, high-pitched unstressed syllables are temporarily interpreted as stressed – a process directly affecting lexical activation. To investigate whether this stress competitor activation is guided by the frequent co-occurrence of high f0 and lexical stress, Experiment 3 increased the frequency of low-pitched stressed syllables in the immediate input. The effect of intonation on competitor fixations disappeared. The paper discusses these findings with respect to a frequency-based mechanism and their implications for the nature of f0 processing. On this platform, stimuli (wav-files) for all experiments are provided, along with datasets (raw data for stress judgements, Experiment 1, and eye-tracking experiments (Experiments 2 and 3)) and a R-Markdown file showing all steps in the statistical analysis (Exp. 1-3). Reference: Zahner, Kutscheid & Braun (in press). Alignment of f0 peak in different pitch accent types affects perception of metrical stress. Journal of Phonetics.



Universitat Konstanz


Psycholinguistics, Perception, Phonetics and Phonology