Fish sea aquaculture suitability maps in Costa Rica's northern and central Pacific coast

Published: 19 July 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/2hwgdhf7tw.1
Felipe Calleja


The shared maps show the biological suitability for producing five fish species, and the structural and operational suitability for installing three types of cages according to the potential operation scale. The biological suitability corresponds to the conditions where the species of interest have an optimal development, considering Sea Surface Temperature (SST), salinity and water transparency. The structural viability provides information about the characteristics that the cages must have in order to withstand environmental conditions (mainly waves and current). The operational viability considers operation and maintenance activities associated with fish production (feeding, harvesting, cage cleaning, among others). The information is located in folders for the biological, structural, operational and general suitability. Each folder contains maps in tiff format, with CRTM05 reference system (EPSG:5367). Detailed information can be found in the General_information.txt file.



Fish, Aquaculture, Sea, Costa Rica