Biofilm responsive proteins of Candida albicans

Published: 3 August 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/2j56x4vr83.1
Mazen Mohammed Mamoun Abdulghani,


Present study represents the peptide mass data of proteins expressed during biofilm form growth of Candida albicans ATCC10231. Extraction: Protein extraction from both biofilm and control were done using alkaline lysis method where cells were lysed under high alkaline condition of sodium hydroxide containing Protease inhibitor cocktail (PIC). This solution is neutralized by of 4 M acetic acid. Precipitation was done with Methanol: chloroform: water (4:1:3) in chilled condition. Then pellet was subjected to trypsin digestion and samples were prepared by reduction of proteins followed by alkylation with iodoacetamide and digestion into peptides, which were purified by means of Zip tip C18 chromatography (Millipore; Billerica, MA). Separation: LC/MS of protein samples were done using Triple-TOF 5600 (AB Sciex; Concord, Canada) mass spectrometry coupled with Micro LC 200 (Eksigent; Dublin, CA) in high-sensitivity mode. Acquisition: Data is acquired on Micro LC 200 coupled to a Triple TOF 5600 MS (AB SCIEX) by SWATH in triplicate for both control and test sample. Informatics: Acquired data was analyzed with Marker View version 1.2.1 software after checking SWATH files for overlapping peaks with peak view version 2 software. Instruments: AB SCIEX Triple TOF 5600.



Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University