Fear Study Data Set-CMA Files

Published: 10 March 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/2k59gk7zwy.1
Tolga Erdogan


The two sets of data were used in a meta-analytic study on gender differences in children’s. For research purposes, fear intensity scores and fear prevalence scores and the moderator effect of sample, year of study, and type of instrument on gender differences were examined. Research studies that used the Fear Survey Schedule for Children (FSSC) or an updated version of the FSSC, were included in this meta-analysis. The findings from 58 intensity and 17 prevalence studies suggested that females had 11.4% higher total fear scores than males and females had 7.2% more fears than males. Results of sub-group analyses suggested that moderator variables of sample, year of publication, and type/version of FSSC caused significant variance in gender differences.



TED Universitesi


Counseling, Fear, Systematic Review with Meta-Analysis