Training progression protocol for a 15 weeks Pilates program

Published: 2 March 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/2kpwxhv62b.1
Catiane Souza


Several authors report health improvements with training based on the Pilates Method, however no explicit analysis has been performed on cardiorespiratory effects after Method exclusive training. This study’s objective was to evaluate the effects of 15 weeks of Pilates training on cardiorespiratory fitness in young, sedentary women. A total of 13 sedentary females 21-35 years volunteered and signed an informed consent for the observational study of a single group, performing control-test, pre- and post-exercise measurements. The Pilates program was conducted for 15 weeks, with two 50-minutes sessions per week. Cardiorespiratory responses were assessed using an open circuit ergospirometry system by gas analyser (MGC, model CPX/D). the 15-week program, statistically significant advances were observed in maximum oxygen consumption, first and second ventilatory threshold. These results indicate that practice of the Pilates Method for 30 sessions with 50-minute, had positive influence on cardiorespiratory parameters in healthy sedentary woman with low respiratory capacities. The data set elucidates how the Pilates program progressed during the study' interventions phase



Sport, Health, Training