Data for: Reduced tenacity during “high-speed” territorial encounters in the intertidal owl limpet, Lottia gigantea: Agonistic escalation increases risk of wash-off.

Published: 27 September 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/2kststc5s9.1
William Wright, Cyril Rakovski, Alfred Mason, Maria Mason, Virginia Zachary, John Berriman


79 measurements of limpet tenacity in the context of behavior and speed. Speed is in cm per min. Animals showing Continued Foraging assigned speed of 0.2 cm per min (see Wright 1982) Response. 0-Continued Foraging: Subject moves < 1 shell length in 90 s, or turns less than 90 degrees in 90s; Cephalic tentacles visible throughout 90s. 1-Retreat behavior: Subject turns more than 90 degrees away from bait limpet, and moves > 1 shell length during 90s test period. 2-Territorial behavior: Subject accelerates toward bait limpet, moving > than one shell length during 90s test period. Sl- Shell length in mm. Tenacity-Newtons required to remove subject from substratum divided by its aperture area. ApArea- Limpet aperture area, calculated from Shell Length (see Materials and Methods)



Animal Behavior, Aquatic Invertebrates, Waves, Territoriality, Intertidal Zone