The complete mitochondrial genome of the South African snoek Thyrsites atun (Euphrasén, 1791) (Perciformes, Gempylidae)

Published: 7 September 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/2ky749tzw9.1
Siphesihle Mthethwa,
rouvay roodt-wilding


Supplementary data for snoek mitochondrial genome announcement publication. The data includes a table defining characteristics of the complete circular mitogenome, a table with accession numbers for sequences used in Bayesian inference. The input nexus file and output consensus tree.


Steps to reproduce

Snoek genomic DNA was sequenced using Ion-Torrent S5 platform. The NGS reads were mapped to an unpublished draft of T. atun mitogenome. New mitogenome was annotated using MitoAnnotator. We downloaded mitogenomes for 12 Gempylidae and 2 Trichiuridae species already available on GenBank. We filtered protein-coding genes (13 genes in total) for these sequences aligned separately and concatenated them. Bayesian inference was performed applying model averaging.


Stellenbosch University


Molecular Phylogenetics, Biomolecule Characterization