COVIDome Datasets Version 2.0

Published: 14 July 2021| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/2mc6rrc5j3.2
Joaquin Espinosa


There are three datasets in this entry: the COVIDOme Sample Metadata, the COVIDome SOMAscan dataset, and the COVIDome MSD Cytokine Dataset. These datasets were generated by the COVIDome Project at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. To learn more about the COVIDome Project please visit This project aims to accelerate translational research in the field of COVID19 by generating and broadly sharing multi-omics datasets of research participants with and without COVID19. The Sample Metadata file describes sample ID, COVID19 status at the time of blood draw (positive or negative), sex and age. The SOMAscan dataset is a plasma proteomics dataset obtained from research participants with and without COVID19 using the SOMAscan® technology. The MSD cytokine dataset was generated using multiplex immunoassays with Meso Scale Discovery (MSD) technology.


Steps to reproduce

Blood samples were collected into EDTA tubes. After centrifugation, EDTA plasma was used for SOMAscan® proteomics, as well as multiplex immunoassays using Meso Scale Discovery (MSD) technology for cytokine profiles. 125 uL of EDTA plasma was analyzed by SOMAscan® assays using previously established protocols. Briefly, each of the 5000+ SOMAmer reagents binds a target peptide and is quantified on a custom Agilent hybridization chip. Normalization and calibration were performed according to SOMAscan® Data Standardization and File Specification Technical Note (SSM-020). The output of the SOMAscan® assay is reported in relative fluorescent units (RFU). MSD assays were performed on EDTA plasma aliquots following manufacturer’s instructions. Values were extrapolated against a standard curve using provided calibrators.


University of Colorado


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