BASIC Composite Ozone Time-Series Data

Published: 15 September 2019| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/2mgx2xzzpk.3
Justin Alsing,


BAyeSian Integrated and Consolidated (BASIC) composite ozone time-series dataset built from a Bayesian joint self-calibration analysis of multiple composite ozone datasets. The construction of the BASIC composite is described in detail in the paper: Ball et al, Reconciling differences in stratospheric ozone composites, ACP (2017). If you use the BASIC dataset, please cite both the DOI for this data page and Ball et al 2017 (ACP). The netCDF file includes variables for time, pressure and latitude giving the Julian dates* and pressure and latitude grid respectively. The ozone time-series data is given in the variable o3[time, pressure, latitude] and associated (time-varying) 1-sigma uncertainties are given in sigma_o3[time, pressure, latitude]. is built from SWOOSH v2.6, GOZCARDS v1.0, SBUV-MOD v8.6 and SBUV-MER (as described in Tummon et al 2015). This corresponds to the BASIC composite presented in Ball et al 2017 (ACP); the data runs up until Dec 2012. is built from SWOOSH v2.6 and GOZCARDS v2.20; the updated data runs up until Dec 2018. This data was used in the revised version of Ball et al, Continuous decline in lower stratospheric ozone offsets ozone layer recovery, 2017 (ACPD) (referred to as merged-swoosh/gozcards in that paper). *00:00:00.0 on 1/1/1980=2444239.5



Atmospheric Chemistry, Stratosphere, Climate Data, Ozone Layer Depletion