Daily air pollution and meteorological data Budapest, 2007

Published: 4 April 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/2mmwv3j4ms.1


Combined meteorological and air-pollutant data. The data were recorded at Erzsébet Square (in the city) in Budapest in 2007. The data were daily averages. The air-pollutant data were public ones of the automatic measures of the Hungarian Air Quality Network [1]. The meteorological data were collected by Prof. Imre Salma [2]. The following data were collected for each day of year 2007. The data are put on Mendeley Data by Gergely Tóth with the permission of Prof. Imre Salma. The data has been used in some data evaluation studies up to now [3-4]. number of rows: 365 number of columns: 16 Calendar data: date, Julian day, day Meteorological data: precipitation (mm), daily average wind speed (m/s), height of mixing layer of the air (m), barometric pressure (hPa), humidity (%), daily average , temperature (OC), solar radiation (W/m2); concentration of air pollutants: PM10, O3,SO2,NO2,NOx,CO [1] Hungarian Air Quality Network, http://www.levegominoseg.hu, later it has been transported to http://legszennyezettseg.met.hu/ [2] Institute of Chemistry, Eötvös Loránd University, H-1117 Budapest, Pázmány s. 1/a, Hungary, imre.salma@ttk.elte.hu [3] Toth, G ; Balogh, B, How to identify cross correlations: a statistical test with time lag and its application on air-pollutant time series, JOURNAL OF CHEMOMETRICS 26 : 3-4 pp. 125-133. , 9 p. (2012) [4] Király, Péter ; Kiss, Ramóna ; Kovács, Dániel ; Ballaj, Amine ; Tóth, Gergely, The relevance of goodness-of-fit, robustness and prediction validation categories of OECD-QSAR principles with respect to sample size and model type. MOLECULAR INFORMATICS 41 : 11 pp. 37-46. Paper: 2200072, 10 p. (2022)



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Chemistry, Environmental Science, Air Pollution, Chemometrics