Data for: CloneSpot: Fast detection of Android Repackages

Published: 30 January 2019| Version 4 | DOI: 10.17632/2n595bbm3v.4
Ignacio Martín, José Alberto Hernández


This dataset contains a collection of Google Play applications' meta-data in JSON format collected in September 2017. The applications were available publicly in Google Play at the time of upload and they are identified by their Google Play IDs. In addition to that field the following ones are provided: - Title: The application title as in Google Play - Category: Application category and URL - Description: Application description - Developer Name: Name and URL of the application developer - One to five star rating counts (fiveStar, fourStar...): The number of users giving the application one to five stars - Recent changes: Changes applied to the application in its latest update - Total votes: Count of the votes given to the applications - Date and time of collection: When were the applications collected



Security, Malware Mitigation, Big Data, Data Analysis, Text Processing, Application of Big Data