2D-Broadband Absorption Metasurface Unicells Dataset for Predicting Optimum Structures for Tandem Solar Cells

Published: 6 October 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/2njr8phsyk.1
Ayesha Razi


2D images of metasurface unit cell shapes and their design parameters. The geometry of the resonator was cross, square, L-shaped, window-shaped polygon and their inverted version. The shapes were chosen because of the ease of fabrication by the lithography technique. The 2D-array images of these metasurfaces were generated in MATLAB. The mesh step size of 100nm was maintained in all three dimensions. Periodic boundary conditions were applied in x and y dimensions while PML condition was applied on the z-axis to absorb/ transmit maximum light with minimum reflection. Each shape was converted into a greyscale 40 x 40 x 1-pixel image. Each pixel contains the minimum feature size of 80nm which lies within the fabrication range.



Solar Cell, Advanced Material