Exploration of appropriate media to influence sustainable on-site sanitation choices in Sri Lanka– Visualization with still images or a video

Published: 13 October 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/2p448jrv5t.1
Yurina Otaki


We created two types of media, still images and a video, to illustrate the differences in functional and hygienic risks between pit latrines and septic tanks. Participants were divided into two groups and each group was provided with either a still image or a video (hereafter, still group and video group, respectively). This was immediately followed by a questionnaire that asked them to determine their level of understanding and which OSS they would prefer to use at home. Approximately 2–3 weeks after the intervention, the same questionnaire was administered to the same participants to determine the persistence of their understanding and the decision to choose the OSS. Memories generally fade rapidly after approximately 1 week (Ebbinghaus, 1913); therefore, we set 2–3 weeks as the longer period. We then analyzed whether there were differences in comprehension, choice of OSS, and continuity, depending on whether the participants viewed still images or a video.



Hitotsubashi Daigaku


Environmental Science, Environmental Engineering, Fecal Analysis


Japan Society for the Promotion of Science